Thunderchild Energy Services is a First Nation majority-owned energy services company.

Environmental Monitoring

Our team is able to provide our clients with a wide range of expertise to ensure compliance with any regulatory conditions. Our environmental monitors have experience working within the most environmentally sensitive areas across Western Canada.

Biophysical Assessment

We are experienced with scientifically proven assessment methods and protocols required by regulators across western Canada.  Our team has extensive experience carrying out studies for projects across a wide range of sectors from power lines, single oil wells sites, roads and utility corridors to large scale multi-year studies for pipelines and Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage projects.

Emergency Spill Response

We provide emergency spill response and site remediation services across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We are able to quickly respond to a wide range of spills and releases.

Reclamation & Remediation

We provide technical solutions with a balanced risk management-based approach, incorporating stakeholder objectives and cost control with design excellence. We understand that our industrial clients manage their sites within a portfolio of environmental liabilities and every environmental project comes with numerous internal and external interests. We leverage our local experience and our ability to proactively engage stakeholders to provide some of the most advanced and innovative techniques to our clients’ challenges.

GIS Mapping Services

Our GIS group works closely with our clients on initial site and route planning, figure preparation, habitat delineation, statistical analysis and modelling.  We use GIS analysis to further outline project risks and constraints in the planning phase prior to field assessments taking place to facilitate planning.  Our team is experienced classifying wetlands, developing ecological land classification and habitat suitability models, and designing wildlife, vegetation, and soil impact assessments.

Sandblasting & Coating

We provide Sandblasting and sodablasting services to remove various surface area contaminants, including oil, dirt, rust, and grease. We also provide special vessel coating and tank lining for industrial businesses. We offer coatings and linings such as Enamels, Urathanes, Zincs, Epoxies and Vinyl Esters.

Drone Monitoring

We have a team of trained drone operators to provide daily asset monitoring during construction, integrity monitoring through ongoing operations and reclamation documentation during asset retirement.

Indigenous Training

We have ECO Canada certified BEAHR Indigenous Training Program instructors, which help local First Nations and Metis communities develop environmental competencies by providing introductory skills to those who want to start a career in the environmental field. Our goal is facilitating training and employment in the environmental field in the communities where we work.

Indigenous Joint Ventures

We create and facilitate Joint Ventures with other Indigenous Nations through providing planning and strategy development, financing, execution and operations management.

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